James Farmer BSc(Hons), PGDip

James Farmer BSc(Hons), PGDip

The Body Blueprint’s owner and director

The Body Blueprint’s owner and director James Farmer is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the top personal trainers in London. With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, James has the expertise and knowledge to help realise a client’s potential.

Graduating from Nottingham University with an honorary degree in Physiotherapy, James specialised in sports rehabilitation and biomechanics. Over the proceeding years, James’s interest moved into strength and conditioning, rebuilding athletes and clients following injury into peak physical condition. As a result of these skills, the service James provides is completely unique.

“I believe there is a Blueprint, a way of training, for every client. A Blueprint that not only enables them to recover from injury, but to thrive. To get stronger, leaner and fitter than they have ever been before. That’s what The Body Blueprint is all about. It’s my philosophy” _James 


Specialist London Personal Training


This unique skill set has made James one of the most sought after personal trainers in London. Regular clients include some of the most high profile people in the country, including the likes of Jessie J, Matt Smith, Florence Welch and Lily James.

James is relied upon by some of the biggest record labels, movie productions and management companies in the country to make sure their clients hit peak physical condition in preparation for film roles, music tours, cover shoots and music videos. His current projects include training Matt Smith for his role in the Terminator Genysis Trilogy, preparing Lily James for a year of red carpets events during the promotion of Disney’s Cinderella, and preparing Florence Welch for the physical demands of a 2 year world tour.



James is also ITV’s on screen fitness expert, taking part in live shows promoting health and well being, as well as co-presenting ‘Weight Loss Wedding’ on This Morning in the summer of 2014. The feature took 3 brides-to-be and put them through 12 weeks of training and nutritional coaching to help them slim down into their dream wedding dresses. James and ITV’s nutritionist Kim Pearson were responsible for the 3 brides losing a combined total of 6 stone in 3 months.


James is the only person to appear on the cover of Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and GQ Action in the same year. The techniques and experience gained by learning how to develop a cover model body is passed directly to his clients, and he was responsible for several client cover shoots in the past year alone.


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