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High Intesity Interval Training – what you need to know

Long jogs not getting you results?


New client consultations often reveal that people tend to favour long duration exercise such as jogging and cycling as a prominent part of their exercise regimes. But, there may be more time effective forms of cardio exercise that could yield better results.

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Is it worth buying grass fed beef?

Grass fed beef: What’s in your steak?

You are what you eat. That applies to cows as much as it does to us, and there are some significant differences in the quality of red meat based on how the animal was fed. Unfortunately, there is also a difference in price and availability of this higher quality meat. Is it worth the money and extra effort?

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Q & A’s

“Are Greens (as in MegaGreens powder for example) as a supplement, not as a meal replacement, worth the taste or the money? Only because a Gorilla has 3% body fat, weighs 250kg, are ripped, shredded and only eats vegetation and small bugs 20 hrs a day”.  Paul Hodgson.

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