Client of the month – Jim Incledon
24 Mar 2014

Client of the month – Jim Incledon

Jim is a wildlife cameraman, director, and

24 Mar 2014

Jim is a wildlife cameraman, director, and the star of Animal Planet’s documentary series ‘Nature’s Most Wanted’.

The first episode in the series sees Jim and colleague Jason fly to Belize in central America where they are asked to track and capture a rampaging 15ft crocodile.

The croc had escaped from a farm under an unusual set of circumstances that would put their lives at risk from the crocodile and the local inhabitants.


The film crew capture their extraordinary exploits through the dense jungle, unforgiving terrain, and a less than amused crocodile.

Jim needed to be in peak physical shape for this job. The days were going to be long and brutally tough. Lots of hiking, trekking, cutting through dense jungle not to mention the physicality needed to capture a 15 foot crocodile. The programme for Jim needed to address all of these points. Plus he wanted to look good on camera..



“This project was my debut as a television presenter so I wanted to look my absolute best. It also meant that I had a month of surviving in the jungles of Belize ahead of me; Climbing, hiking and swimming but more importantly jumping on and wrestling large crocodiles! James designed me a personalised training programme and a diet plan titled ‘CROC’! ¬†He understood what I needed to accomplish in a very short space of time and by the end of the 6 weeks of training my cardio, speed, endurance and strength had massively improved. I had all the tools needed to get the job done and felt super confident in front of the camera. Thanks James, your a legend!”

“P.S the killer croc was caught and is now living safely in a reserve away from people!”

Natures Most Wanted will air on Animal Planet this May. It’s not to be missed!


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