Client of the month – Richard Lane
12 Oct 2015

Client of the month – Richard Lane

Trained by Jamie Nichols, Richard has been

12 Oct 2015

Trained by Jamie Nichols, Richard has been making great progress despite a hampering knee injury and a hectic travel itinerary. Richard is a great example of what can be achieved despite crazy work hours and niggling injuries. With the right training programme, and a sensible nutrition plan, anything is achievable.

Richard lost nearly 20lbs and 4.5 inches off his waist.

“I’m so pleased with Richard’s results and continued progress. Travel stateside with work was our biggest challenge, along with a painful existing knee injury. Nutrition structure had to be adaptable given the travel, particularly when stateside for two weeks at a time. Training needed to be challenging, yet not too stressful to that niggling right knee. As a busy dad of two that likes his cheese, evenings out to the theatre and the odd curry; we nailed it with a realistic, maintainable and enjoyable approach, yet with eyes on serious goals. Richard’s well and truly reaping the benefits, and is by no means done yet! Well done that man!” Jamie Nichols


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Richard, what made you want to start training with Jamie and The Body Blueprint?

I had become fat.   Exercise had always kept me lean (ish) but over  the last few years, with much overseas travel to Asia and the US, I had put on over 2 stone.  At age 50 I decided I had to try and do something to reverse this trend – I was not content being fit for my age, I wanted to be super fit full stop.

I knew the theory, or indeed I thought I did, but couldn’t seem to put it into practice.

I knew Jamie through my wife Bella and was impressed with the shape he had got himself into for an acting role.  With Jamie working with a top personal training company it seemed the right thing to do.  I wanted (needed) a fresh perspective. My goal was crazy  – ‘I want look like the guy out of 300!’  But I wanted to make big changes and fast.

How did your diet and training change?

Protein, protein, complex carbs, veg, good fat, water, frequent meals.   Natural food, tasty food, never ever feeling hungry!  I was eating far too much processed carbohydrate and nowhere near enough protein.  Short bursts of energy with long periods of feeling hungry  – and still gaining weight!

I love my new way of eating.  It’s not a diet.

Training – weights, strength, high intensity cardiovascular PT sessions with Jamie – no ridiculously long runs.  This seemed at odds with all I had previously learnt.  But what fun.  What progress.

I’m stronger than when I was 20!

But the biggest transformation was the advice on eating abroad – brilliant.  Instead of negative thoughts about the inevitable putting on weight I now lose weight and thoroughly enjoy my food in the US.

What have been the biggest changes in your body?

More muscle.  Initially my calorie intake was quite high to what I had expected – I lost 2 or 3 lbs only but looked like I’d lost 10.   I have now lost 4 ½ inches off my waist and a total 20 odd pounds.

How has training with Jamie been? Is it what you expected?

Brilliant. The sessions flew by.  They were challenging but fun.  I had a long term knee injury which meant I had to be careful putting weight on it. The sessions were tailored to cater for this superbly. The gym program was again challenging but easy to follow as was the nutrition program.

In short it’s been motivational and educational. This has been a great investment.

I am delighted with the short term results, but perhaps more importantly feel like my whole approach to exercise and nutrition has been re-wired – the long term should be good too. I knew Jamie would be supportive – it felt wonderful having someone in my corner guiding me all the way. Thanks Jamie.

What’s next for you?

I would like to lose a bit more fat but I am quite happy with where I am right now.  I enjoy the way I train, I enjoy the fact that I can get breathless without running!  I entered a triathlon next June – first one in 22 years – that’s the next challenge.

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