Client of the month – Anthony Sharpe
05 Aug 2013

Client of the month – Anthony Sharpe

What made you want to start training

05 Aug 2013

What made you want to start training with James and The Body Blueprint?

“I had put on weight over the course of a couple of years and really wanted
to get back in shape. I also used to model and really wanted to get my
physique back into a condition where I could do this again. I also wanted
to start to eat healthier as part of an overhaul of my lifestyle. I had
also noticed a massive drop in my energy levels over the years where I
hadn’t been training and eating poorly.”

How did your diet and training change?

“My diet improved massively. A big surprise was I starting eating more than
I had done when my diet was poor, but everything now was healthy. My
protein levels increased and I started eating more vegetables. Very
quickly my energy levels increased and I stopped feeling tired every
morning when I woke up! I also started having protein shakes in the
morning when I used to skip breakfast and I also started taking fish oil
tablets. Having said all this I still have the odd treat. The beauty is my
diet and training schedule allows it.”

“Training wise my body really started to notice the difference quickly. My
training sessions were varied, fun and I could feel every muscle group
working. My physique started to change very quickly. I noticed muscles I
hadn’t seen in a long time start to appear within 2 weeks. All my training
plans were carefully programmed to what I wanted to achieve. I really
wanted to get definition in my chest and thanks to my programme this
started to happen within a short period of time.”

What have been the biggest changes in your body?

“My energy levels have quadrupled! I felt so lethargic before training.
This is down to my training programme and the excellent nutritional advice
I have been given. I have definition across all the major areas I wanted.
Chest, arms, back, legs and abs.”

How has training with James been? Is it what you expected?

“Fun, informative and life changing. Sessions are varied and the ongoing
support has been fantastic. I have learnt so much not only about training
but the nutritional aspects that go with it. It has been excellent and has
completely transformed my life. I have way more energy throughout the
working week, my body feels alive and I have a confidence with my body I
didn’t have before.”

What’s next for you?

“This has been a great journey. For me it was getting training and a
healthy diet back into my lifestyle. I had really let myself go. I wasn’t
training and my diet was appalling. I was eating fast food takeaways at
least 3-4 times a week, drinking too much alcohol and feeling very
lethargic. I needed help and motivation. As soon as I started training
with James I got this.”

“What’s next is really keeping this a part of my lifestyle. I love training
a few times a week. My diet is really good and I love the foods I have
been advised to eat. It feels great and keeps me de stressed. My old
modelling agency is putting me back on their books so it’s really about
maintaining now!”

“Thank you James!!!”.

“Anthony’s progress over the last month has been a rapid one, the photos don’t actually do him justice. From the goals we set out at the start, I’d say we are over half way there. He didn’t need a major body overhaul, he needed to put on some quality muscle and “fill out”. It was about focusing on what would work for him and fit in around his lifestyle. One of the goals was to improve his overall health, and from the way he feels, we have certainly done that. Needless to say, Anthony’s strength has improved dramatically. We are hoping to tap into this new found strength and continue to add on some muscle over the coming months.” – James

Client of the month

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