Deadmills  – The ultimate HIIT
02 Jul 2014

Deadmills – The ultimate HIIT

I was asked the other day about

02 Jul 2014

I was asked the other day about a cardio finisher, well, this is my favourite!

You can add these to the end of a workout to give you a high intensity blast, or add them into a quick session if you’re struggling for time. You won’t need long..

A deadmill sprint is where you are making the treadmill move. The treadmill is left off. Place your hands on the front bar or sides and use your legs to start driving the belt. Get up to full speed asap and go as fast and as hard as you can.

The key to this workout is to give every sprint 100% flat out intensity.

The timings for the workout can vary depending on your fitness levels. I would recommend starting with a 15 second sprint, with a 45 second rest, and repeat that 5 times. As you get fitter, decrease the rest time by 5 second intervals until you can complete 15s on/30s off for 5 sets. At that point, increase the number of total sets.

If you get really good, have a play around with the incline..

These are a lot harder than they sound. Give them a go and let me know how you get on!


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