Cristo Foufas
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Cristo Foufas

“The best personal training service I’ve ever used.”

  • Client:

    Cristo Foufas

  • Our Role:

    Weight Loss

Cristo’s main goal was weight loss. The challenge was fitting a training programme and a nutrition plan that worked around his very busy schedule and nightshifts for LBC Radio. Once a routine was developed, Cristo dropped over 40lbs of body fat and continues to work with James to get fitter, stronger and leaner.

“I first came across James and The Body Blueprint after being recommended by a friend. I’d had some pretty bad experiences in the past with personal trainers where I’d paid a lot and had limited results, so I was pretty cynical about the industry. Add to that the fact I’d totally lost my motivation for exercise and my weight had sky-rocketed, I really wasn’t in a good place when it came to starting an exercise programme.

James took all of these concerns on board and spent a lot of time with me before we started the programme, making sure I felt assured that he was the right trainer for me, as well as making it clear to me that my goals were achievable. He really made me understand that my body wants to be fit and slim, as long as it gets the right food, and I do the right exercise.

I’ve had fantastic results, which are ongoing, and although the sessions aren’t easy, James makes it clear what each exercise actually does, as well as being hugely motivating. I’ve also been given a full nutrition plan, so I now feel I have a much greater understanding of what it is I should eat, and when, without having to count calories or weigh anything. I’m even allowed the odd cheat!

I’ve found trainers in the past to be ‘show and goes’, i.e they don’t really care about what you do when you’re not having a PT session. James is completely different. He texts me regularly to find out how I’m doing, and I feel totally comfortable contacting him any time if I have any questions or just need some motivation for exercising alone.

If you’re looking for a trainer who is passionate and knowledgeable, who understands the financial commitment involved and has the integrity to ensure your payment gets you results, then James Farmer is your man.”