Liam Tamne
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Liam Tamne

“I’m stronger and fitter than I have ever been.”

  • Client:

    Liam Tamne

  • Our Role:

    Weight loss

The Client: Liam Tamne is a singer and actor and the former star of the BBC show The Voice. He has appeared in a number of West End hit shows including Wicked, Hairspray, Hair and Les Miserables. He has recently finished starring as Roaul in The Phantom Of The Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London.

The Need: Liam’s goal was two fold. Firstly, facing a very strenuous schedule which saw him on stage for eight performances¬†every week, Liam felt that his voice was starting to feel tired. He needed to protect his voice and raise his performance¬†levels on stage. Secondly, Liam had a job in the pipeline that required him to be in amazing shape.

The Result: A detailed assessment confirmed that Liam’s arduous working demands were putting too much stress on his neck and lower back. A bespoke programme was designed to correct his posture and to strengthen muscles that had become weak and unused. Secondly, Liam underwent an intense physical programme designed to drop body fat and shape his body into the physique the new job would require. We supplemented this with a nutrition plan that supported a small amount of muscle growth but enabled Liam to drop body fat.

Liam started the programme at 185lbs with 18% body fat, and finished at 168lbs and 11% body fat.

Liam says: “I felt the difference almost immediately. I have much more energy now. I suffer much less from fatigue, I have more get up and go and I can do so much more now. Aesthetically, my body has completely changed. I’m stronger and fitter than I have ever been, and as a result I now have more confidence in my body than I have ever had.”