Lindsay Nuttall
project name

Lindsay Nuttall

“James got me into the best shape I’ve ever been in!”

  • Client:

    Lindsay Nuttall

  • Our Role:

    Health and fitness

Lindsay wanted a change to her overall fitness regime and diet. She had been using a trainer for years, but felt they were simply going through the motions. She wanted to see some changes with her body, and she wanted to feel fitter and healthier.

Lindsay’s training programme needed shaking up radically. Long, steady state runs were replaced with high intensity interval training. Simple body weight circuits were replaced with plyometric drills, kettle bell work and VIPR circuits.

“The training was completely different. It was a lot tougher than I was used to, but I started getting results very quickly which spurred me on. Every workout was a challenge, and we did it in my own house which saved loads of time. I thought my diet was great, but the few tweaks that James made really helped. The whole programme has opened my eyes to a new way of training and a new approach to the food I eat. I can certainly say that whilst training with James, I’ve been in the best physical shape of my life.”