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The Science of Napping

I love a nap. Even a nap as short as a few minutes always makes me feel rejuvenated. I’ve been listening to my body and taking naps for years, convinced they improve my health and mental alertness. Now the science is starting to back me up…

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Is it worth buying grass fed beef?

Grass fed beef: What’s in your steak?

You are what you eat. That applies to cows as much as it does to us, and there are some significant differences in the quality of red meat based on how the animal was fed. Unfortunately, there is also a difference in price and availability of this higher quality meat. Is it worth the money and extra effort?

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DNA Screening

I’m often asked what the future entails for preventative medicine, healthcare and personal training. I think DNA screening is the next piece we’ll be adding to the puzzle.

I think its been one of the most exciting developments in the industry over the last few years. As the price has become more affordable, and the tests more detailed, the possibilities for its use in mainstream preventative healthcare has become very exciting.

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Client of the month – Anthony Sharpe

What made you want to start training with James and The Body Blueprint?

“I had put on weight over the course of a couple of years and really wanted
to get back in shape. I also used to model and really wanted to get my
physique back into a condition where I could do this again. I also wanted
to start to eat healthier as part of an overhaul of my lifestyle. I had
also noticed a massive drop in my energy levels over the years where I
hadn’t been training and eating poorly.”

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Q & A’s

“Are Greens (as in MegaGreens powder for example) as a supplement, not as a meal replacement, worth the taste or the money? Only because a Gorilla has 3% body fat, weighs 250kg, are ripped, shredded and only eats vegetation and small bugs 20 hrs a day”.  Paul Hodgson.

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Omega 3’s & Prostate Cancer

Last week I received several messages from clients asking ‘What do you think of this?”. All of them contained the same link to a story that was being widely reported in the media;

“Taking omega 3 fish oil supplements may increase the risk of aggressive prostate cancer by 70%,”  Daily Mail


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Is soy destroying your health?

Soy is a heavily debated food. Is it a healthy addition to your diet? Or is destroying your health? Doing a search on Google will throw up strong opinions on both sides, enough to leave you completely confused as to what to believe, and indeed what to eat.

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