Cover Model Programme

Cover Model Programme

The cover model programme is aimed at

The cover model programme is aimed at men that currently have a body fat level of 15% and under. It’s for guys that have some training experience, and are looking to get into the best shape of their life.

How do we define that? At the start of the programme we clearly set out targets based largely on aesthetics. We set a body fat target which is typically 8% and below. We set specific targets with regards to overall look, shape and appearance.

The training programme is intense and will most likely be harder than anything you’ve done before. You will be given a specific nutritional blueprint to follow that will support your training programme and enable you to get a lean, athletic cover model body.

“This programme was born from the training and diet blueprint I built to get in shape for several Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and GQ active covers. I’m offering all of that knowledge to help others get into the shape of their life.” James Farmer, Director



We only take on a limited number of people for the cover model programme, so get in touch and book in your complimentary consultation.

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