There is no stronger motivation than


There is no stronger motivation than to get in shape for the big day, and that goes for the bride or the groom.

Over the years we have trained countless individuals for their wedding day, getting brides to drop a number of dress sizes in a relatively short period of time, and helping grooms either drop some weight or help put on some muscle to fill out their suits.

We often train couples together which adds an element of fun and competition, but ultimately  they can push each other when the training gets hard!

Working together in couples also makes the nutrition side of things easier as well. We implement nutrition plans that can work together, making eating together during the programme a lot easier.

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Last year James was ITV’s on screen fitness expert, and soon became known as ‘The Wedding Trainer’, leading a 3 month challenge where ITV’s This Morning took 3 brides to be and put them through a gruelling 3 month challenge to lose weight for their big day;


The 3 brides that took part in the challenge lost a combined 6 stones for their big day..

Here are just a few of the success stories from happy couples from over the past year..

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